Remodel Your Office Spaces

Increase employee engagement by 45%

Optimize energy consumption up to 37%

Increase business revenue up to 19%

Increase staff retention up to 87%

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Financing Available, Starting at only $500 a month.

We offer a collection of makeover bundles for different spaces in your office, talk to one of our experts to learn more (469) 391-0172.

We believe in making the environment work for you. Using advanced technology and creative design to integrate people into a more productive and engaging environment.
Office Remodeling

✓ Modular Construction
✓ Raised Flooring
✓ Modular Walls
✓ Design Renderings
✓ Interior Floor Plans
✓ Lighting
✓ Ceiling Install
✓ Building Automation

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Office Furniture

✓ Cafe Furniture
✓ Office Chairs
✓ Conference Area Furniture
✓ Lounge Furniture
✓ Private Office Furniture
✓ Seating Furniture
✓ Storage
✓ Systems

Building Automation

✓ Utility Monitoring
✓ Energy Dashboards
✓ Energy Optimization
✓ Real-time Notifications
✓ Analyze All Power Consumption
✓ Works with Existing Meters
✓ Water, Electricity, Solar Energy, & Turbines

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Technology Services

✓ Audio / Video
✓ Interactive Environments
✓ Enterprise Management
✓ Sound Masking
✓ Network Infrastructure
✓ Security Systems
✓ Digital Signage
✓ Install Electronic Equipment
✓ Energy Optimization Setup

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The Innovance Team
Our Capabilities

We have the capabilities to handle every job. With almost 30 years of dedication to facility planning, we provide comprehensive facility consulting services. From furniture design to architectural engineering, we offer turnkey solutions to build, furnish, and optimize your facility. Start with an office assessment.

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