Audio & Video

From small business to Fortune 500 companies, our A V systems work. This is attributed to our rock-solid design and our systematic approach to our builds. You can have the best products from the best in world class manufacturing, but without solid reliable proven design, your systems will be anything but useful, much less reliable.
Interactive Environments

Its all about incorporating technology to enhance the way you communicate both inside and outside of your organization. From presentation systems to creating a video culture, we have a solution for you!

Enterprise Management

Networking all multimedia, environmental and room-scheduling technologies, within your existing IT infrastructure and then incorporating the write software, grants you complete supervision. You now have the ability to monitor, manage, and control systems across the entire enterprise.

Sound Masking

To ensure a successful sound masking system, it starts with the design. While installation is very important, even the best installers will not be able to balance a system that wasn’t properly designed for the space it was intended. The design should not just be based off size of the facility alone. Specific questions should be asked , such as, construction materials used, ceiling plenum dimensions, firewall locations, and so on. This will insure sound uniformity throughout your space and a maintenance free system that will work the way it was intended for decades to come.

Mass Notification

With Mass Notification and Emergency Communications (MNEC) systems, the four areas that must be properly addressed are Reach, Clarity, Redundancy and Reporting.


  • Reach can be both visual or audible, but must cover 100% of the intended audience to inform and instruct.
  • Clarity refers to the level at which the audience understands the message being received.
  • Redundancy relates to the MNEC systems ability to not only notify of a compromise in the system, but it must guarantee 24/7 operability with a redundant signal.
  • Reporting is crucial, as real time notifications must be received in the event the system has been tampered with, has come off line or a component of the system has been compromised.  This allows for issues to be dealt with immediately.

Paging should be well understood, not just loud. We work with manufactures that meet the sound transmission index for public address (STIPA), which is the measure of sound intelligibility within space.

In addition, our technologies allow us to design and implement paging systems that can also carry soundmasking capabilities as well as audio/music through the same speaker units. Essentially, you now have 3 different systems in 1. These units can also be concealed in the ceiling plenum, removing from view as well as providing a quick and clean install.

Cell Boosters

Over the years, through our ongoing relationships with our clients, paired with our willingness to tackle just about any facilities related challenge, we have certainly performed our fair share of one off jobs. Its interesting, however when you resolve an issue for a client, that you felt was unique to their situation, only to find out that the issue at hand is a recurring problem that many company’s face. Several of or technology offerings began in this humble way and cell phone boosters is no exception.

Innovance can custom design and install commercial grade cell booster systems for your facility no matter the size that will maximize signal strength, resulting in optimal performance.