Building Automation

Innovance’s building automation system provides a 360° view of your building’s entire operation in real-time. Everything you need to maintain comfort for occupants, optimize energy usage, and resolve problems faster.
Building Automation Solution

Building Owners strive to optimize and improve the function and efficiency of their facilities. To properly do this, we need to Measure and Verify the building’s consumption. After we Analyze the data, we can then work to Optimize the building’s operations and systems to achieve optimal efficiency. Our platform makes it simple and easy to perform these tasks.

  • Energy Optimization
  • Automated Tenant Billing Solution
  • Fault Detection and Diagnostics
  • Real-time Monitoring for all Power Systems
  • Integrate New and Existing Devices
  • Access Your Data Anywhere Online
Our platform is data-agnostic and can interface with solar, wind, traditional electric, and water systems to accomplish a wide range of tasks. Real-time consumption, production, and comparison data are just clicks away!
Traditional Utility Monitoring

Traditional metering solutions fail to leverage modern technology. Important data remains inaccessible or difficult to access. EMS/BMS systems typically do a poor job of providing data in a useful format. There are too many “moving parts” between meters and the data from the software.

Innovance Utility Solution

We make utility monitoring simple.

Cloud-based System

Create your own simple customized rules using our easy point and click system or use existing rules experts have created.

Simple Installation

No special programming – connect to the Internet and go.

Real-time Data

View/print/email live data and reports on any device for tenant billing or energy analysis.

Automatic Software Upgrades

Cloud based system automatically upgrades as new features are introduced.

Fault Detection
Rule Creation

Create your own simple customized rules using our easy point and click system or use existing rules experts have created.

Alarms & Notifications

Management can receive customized instant or deferred notifications of faults through email or SMS messages.

Fault Views

View all of your rules and faults in many different interactive graphs and tables.

Fault Severity

Sort by most severe faults affecting your system and your bottom line.

AI Expert Systems

An AI expert can analyze dozens of points at once and use historical point values in addition to real-time values to make it’s decision.

Fault Drilldown

Easily drilldown into more advanced details of a specific fault using our interactive real time views.