Building Collaborative Conference Rooms

With today’s technology connecting people around the world, the world is transforming into a much smaller space. From international affairs to remote or telecommuting employees, connecting businesses and people over long distances has never been more common.

Building collaborative conference rooms in your business enables virtual connections, lowers long-term costs, and allows quick communication with anyone, anywhere in the world. Many businesses have taken notice of the benefits of collaborative meeting rooms and in response, have redesigned their office spaces to include collaborative conference rooms.

Push to Talk

It’s important to create collaborative meeting rooms that are easy for all employees to use. A simple one-touch start operating and phone system will ensure meetings not only starting on time but also are stress free. A collaborative conference room should be easy to use for all employees. When building your perfect collaboration room remember to train your employees so they are comfortable with all the technology.

Lower Costs

After the initial cost of setup, collaborative conference rooms with video conferencing can lead to lower operation costs in the future. Video and web conferencing increases the remote workforce and limits the need of people traveling long distances to meet in person. A lower business travel expense is not the biggest advantage of collaborative conference rooms either. A study by Wainhouse Research found that 94 percent of business people who use video conferencing say the biggest benefit is increased efficiency and productivity. This could be due to the defined start and end times determined before the meeting, leading to more focused discussion.

Screen Collaboration

Collaborative conference rooms reach their full potential with screen sharing capabilities. Programs such as Screenhero and Join Me allow screen sharing and have multiple user editing capabilities so all members in a meeting, physical or digital, can participate. This leads to a lesser need to plan work and more time actually completing the work.

Genuine Interaction

Video conference capabilities in your collaborative meeting rooms enables employees to interact with people all over the country, or even the world, who they are not able to meet in person. Making these connections allows the free flow of cultures and ideas without the hassle of long distance travel.

Larger businesses with employees spread across the country will benefit from having weekly video calls in their collaborative conference rooms. Your company will become closer and stronger with more frequent communication without the need for long-distance travel or impersonal phone calls. Instead, employees can see the people they collaborate on projects with and create a connection even if they aren’t together in the same room.

The list of perks of collaborative conference rooms with videoconferencing capabilities goes on and on. Make the world a smaller place with collaborative conference rooms by connecting employees and clients across long distances and encouraging the spread of culture. Starting making the world a smaller place in your office.

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