Network Infrastructure

Our structured cabling capabilities are all encompassing offering a complete solution for your firm, from the ISP to the workstation.
Fiber Optics

As cost continue to come down, we’re seeing more use of fiber within facilities.

Advantages of fiber over copper

  • Broad bandwidth – single optical fiber can carry over 3,000,000 full duplex voice calls or 90,000 TV channels
  • Low attenuation loss – allows for running long distances more manageable.
  • No electromagnetic interference – this proves valuable whether concerned about communication interference in a conference room or that of a power generation facility.
  • Security – Copper can be tapped with little warning for detection, not so with fiber.
Telephony Systems

From VOIP to Video conferencing InnoVance can assist your firm with your network communication needs. We provide the instruments and infrastructure to support communications between users as well as connection to the public telephone network.

Wireless Networking

When building a small office network, it’s important to determine the best foundation for your company’s needs. With Innovance your wireless network (WLAN) will perform as intended, strong and reliable with no dead zones.