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Optimize energy consumption up to 37%

Increase business revenue up to 19%

Increase staff retention up to 87%

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Bridging People and Facilities

Perhaps you have outgrown your business office or maybe your co-working space is in need of a fresh location or configuration. An office renovation will give you a chance to dream long term about where your business is heading and interpret that direction into blueprints for a space that will facilitate growth.

At Innovance, we believe in making the environment work for you. We use innovation through advanced technology and creative design to integrate people, operations, and technology which creates a more engaging and productive space that is user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

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How We Do It


Visualize Concept & Design Plans
  • Architectural Plans
  • Construction Approval
  • Interior Design Renderings
  • Material Selection
  • Plan for Desired Results


Interior Construction & Integration
  • Customizable Interior Modular Solutions
  • Raised Flooring / Ceiling Install
  • Modular Walls
  • Building Automation
  • Lighting Network Infrastructure
  • Audio / Video Technology
  • Security Technology


Furnish Space & Application Setup
  • Contract Furniture
  • Install Electronic Equipment
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Energy Applications
  • Security Applications
  • Main Control Center Configured
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