Emerson, a Fortune 200 company, excels in global manufacturing that provides customers with sustainable industrial, commercial and consumer solutions through a merging of technology and engineering. They are proficient in delivering process management, industrial automation, network power, climate technologies and commercial and residential solutions.

The Challenge

The Challenge presented by Emerson was to design, supply and install advanced Audio and Video technologies. This new facility would house seven or more Emerson business units, which was the first of its kind by Emerson. Non-negotiables within the systems design were.

  • Systems design infrastructure to operate in independent silos within the separate business units
  • All presentation systems control interfaces must be easy to use
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) presentation capabilities
  • Hardwired and wirelessly presentation both on and off the network
  • A/V distribution for digital signage included, public facing, internal and production displays.
    128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard to ensure cyber security

The Results

The result of Innovance’s design and implementation of the A/V technology is a world-class office that seamlessly meets the different needs of the independent business units within Emerson. The building has gained significant praise and has attracted industry leaders from around the globe. The advanced audio and video equipment will meet the needs of the Emerson business units no matter their growth in coming years.