Methanex is the worlds largest producer and supplier of methanol. They distribute methanol in the North American, South American, Asian Pacific, and European markets. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Methanex is now growing their production base in the United States, with two plants relocated to Geismar, Louisiana. These methanol production facilities are the first Methanex plants in the United States. Globally stationed terminals and storage facilities and the world’s leading fleet of methanol ocean tankers maintain Methanex’s international operations.

The Challenge

The Objective for this project was to create standards programs for FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) and A V technologies for Methanex’s newly constructed 5 building campus that would support their first 2 plants in the United States.

Consulting with Methanex, Innovance was able to better understand the day to day operations, which allowed them to properly gather important data necessary to create furniture typicals and technology systems that would become the facility standards within their administrative facilities.

Its not enough to just understand the corporate hierarchy within the company’s organizational chart. To achieve maximum efficiencies it begins with each individual employee within an organization and transcends through departments and on to Executive management. Its understanding the type and frequency of interactions, both internally and externally across teams, departments, customers, etc. Understanding visual privacies vs speech privacies, storage capacities vs filing capacities. Its through this level of detail that Innovance is able to gather the information needed to properly design and create environments that achieve maximum operational efficiencies within facilities.

  • Created standards program with FF&E and A/V systems
  • Commissioned Art work
  • A/V automation – training rooms, conference rooms, digital signage distribution, room schedulers, audio and video distribution, advanced programming allows presenting rooms to join and separate instantaneously.

The Results

As a result of working with Innovance, Methanex now has standards programs in place that allows there employees to work in environments that promote maximum operational efficiencies.