Tips for a Successful Office Remodel

What are your goals for this office renovation?

Do you want to stay in the space another 10 years or be out in two? Are the changes for you or for your clients? Discuss and agree upon your goals. Get them down on paper. Don’t resist changing them along the way, but don’t start until you’re comfortable with the direction of the renovation. A false start can be an expensive one.

Identify the Reasons for the Renovation
  • What is the driving force behind the renovation? Facilities renovations, technology upgrades, cosmetic refreshes and functional space changes all have their unique costs. Identify the primary reasons for the renovation so your budget estimates will match. ‘
  • What factors are driving the renovation? (e.g. updating infrastructure systems, installing new technology, upgrading finishes, new tenants, changes to the function of the space, a desire to enhance aesthetics)?
  • What issues will affect the schedule of the project? Will work take place while the building is occupied, or will it involve your business to temporarily re-locate?
  • What is the budget for the project?
  • What will your team have to deal with during this undertaking?
  • What are the expectations of the end results of this built-out?
Have a Full Spectrum Team

Making the right decisions by oneself can be challenging and details will slip through the cracks.
Having a full spectrum team that specializes in different services eliminates risk of choosing the wrong finishes, bad lighting, or even a faulty layout plan that doesn’t compliment your business’s workflow. Each factor makes an impact in the end results in how it affects your employees and business performance.

What You Need vs What You Want

The starting point here is to refer back to the goals you established, creating a more engaging work environment, update the aesthetics to be more pleasing, or maybe a more work functional space. Build towards the goal through your selections of upgrades, whether it’s the furniture or an interactive environment. When identifying your goals, decide on what will make your renovation a long-term success and not just a short-term fix. Remember, we’re trying to make an impact on the goals established, most likely those are long-term.

Budgeting the Project

The best planners still anticipate things to come up and affect the timeline and budget. Create a contingency of at least 10 percent for unforeseen expenses. Discovering that a drain pipe must be relocated to accommodate your new built-in projection screen will increase your expenses quickly. A more inviting way to financially support the project may be financing it, Innovance offers a monthly payment plan making most office renovations affordable.

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